Lavafoshi Premium

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  • Largest Collection of Dhivehi Music, Thousands of dhivehi tracks to choose from. Take them where ever you go!

    Lavafoshi makes everything about Dhivehi music better! You can listen to all your favourite local tracks wherever and whenever you want, right on your smartphones. Explore and choose from over 10,000 songs, including exclusive releases you can’t get anywhere else. Access all your favourite tunes through our curated playlists, or the playlists created by your friends and favorite artists. You can also create playlists of your own and share them. Simple, fast and easy.


    • Lavafoshi
    • AppCloner Premium
    • Lavafoshi Premium data file


    How to patch

    1. Install Lavafoshi
    2. Install AppCloner
    3. Clone Lavafoshi with the data file bundled
      1. Select Lavafoshi from AppCloner
      2. Under Modding Select Storage Options
      3. Enable Bundle app data and select the data file you previously downloaded
      4. Go back and Clone
    4. Install the cloned lavafoshi

    known issues

    • If you tap Get Premium or SETTINGS from side menu you will lose premium


    • Clear data of the cloned app

    Shiham Abdul Rahman
    Shiham Abdul Rahman